Christine Dennison

Christine is a native New Yorker and internationally awarded explorer who was the first woman to scuba dive and explore the waters the Northwest Passage in the Canadian High Arctic and the Amazon’s Rio Negro. She has led and organized expeditions to the most remote corners of the world and skied to the North Pole as part of an all-women’s team for polar conservation.

Christine is the co-founder of Mad Dog Expeditions, an exploration adventure company which pioneered diving and underwater exploration in the High Arctic, Papua New Guinea, and the Amazon's Rio Negro.  She has worked with clients, teams, and organizations around the world incorporating advanced underwater technology into projects and underwater discoveries.  Her operations and logistics expertise is valued by clients in science, research, media and corporate industries.

Christine has been involved in the ocean AUV and robotics industry since 2007 participating in multiple expeditions and research projects as an ROV payload specialist and as part of an AUV recovery and deployment team. She has led an international development, branding and marketing campaign with Casio Watches, Japan, Red Fox, NA and generated outreach and marketing campaigns for numerous global expeditions. She works closely with media and news outlets which include: Bloomberg, CNN, HLN, NBC, ITV, SKY, and BBC.

Christine was inducted as a Fellow in the Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society of London.  She has been awarded the Silver Medal for Humanitarian Work by the International Navy League and the Medal of Honor by the Brazilian Navy League. She has also been named Honorary Submariner by the Brazilian Navy for her work and research in the discovery of the WWII US Submarine R-12, in which 42 sailors and two Brazilian officers are entombed. She supports nonprofit organizations that promote women's empowerment, ocean conservation and animal rescue.