Our team of Exploring Women are innovators, educators, explorers, scientists and  philanthropists with a shared vision and mission to inspire young women to pursue their dreams, follow their passions, share their knowledge and lead by example.

We believe that role models exist in every generation and that their knowledge is important to future  generations of exploring women. Education is the key to female empowerment and our conferences, live events and ambassadors connect young women with networking opportunities and the support of women in their community.
  1. Managing Director
    Alexandra Gold
    Digital Strategist
  2. Managing Director
    Katie McDonnell
    Intern (Elon University)

Role Models

Global Ambassadors

  1. Alia Al Mansoori
    Dubai UAE Student Ambassador / Space Scientist
  2. Dr. Sylvia Earle
    Ocean Ambassador Mission Blue
  3. Ginger
    Animal Rescue Ambassador