Our Story
As far as my eyes could see there was nothing but jagged ice and snow. The topography was stark, stunning and vast. The whistling arctic winds blew mercilessly around me but I didn't feel them as all of my senses were numb in preparation for what I was about to attempt. I sat on the edge of the dark hole in the ice looking for light to come through. I gently moved my fins through the water clearing the ice that was quickly forming on the surface…I took a deep breath and slowly immersed myself into the icy 28 degree water which felt even colder as my entire body tingled from fear of what lay beneath.
It was a feeling I shall never forget,  my first Arctic dive was exhilirating and terryfying,  it quelled my curiosity and tested my mettle. 
In the Spring of 1994 I became the first female ocean explorer to scuba dive in the ice covered waters of the Canadian High Arctic and the North West Passage.  It was a challenging and remote environment which provided a life changing experience for me that  propelled me on my journey of exploration and adventure from the Arctic to the jungles of the Amazon, both above and below water. 
I have been privilged to work with many talented explorers, scientists, conservationists and indigenous communities around the world.  They have provided me with a depth of knowledge both cultural and technical. 
During my professional career I have lead, participated and organized expeditions for men, women and children and I understand risk taking and  going outside of ones comfort zone for personal challenges and educational pursuits.
I believe there is a responsibility to share knowledge and experiences  to help the next person achieve greater results.
We live in an era when women have opportunities and possibilities to achieve their wildest dreams of going into space, climbing the highest peaks, finding a cure for diseases and even being president of a country. These young women are our daughters, step daughters, nieces and friends.  To be strong role models we need to listen to their hopes, dreams and fears to  help guide them on their journey.

Exploring Women evolved from 20 years as Co-founder and owner of Mad Dog Expeditions, a pioneer in the field of underwater adventure and exploration.  In 2015 after participating in an all women's North Pole Ski Challenge I launched Exploring Women as a column in Misadventures Magazine.  The focus has been on sharing firsthand knowledge, adventure and interviews of inspirational women in various fields of exploration, science and philantrophy.  I am proud of my accomplishments and my years of Mad Dog Expeditions and now  it is my hope that Exploring Women will contribute to the next generation of women who seek knowledge, adventure and want to make a difference.  
My mentors have been strong, intelligent and kind women that inlcuded my grandmother, mother, friends and teachers. They believed that travel, education and exposure to different cultures and people are empowering experiences that teach us tolerance, independence and acceptance of others.  Exploring women is a community of role models, mentors, adventure and science related expeditions that connect through live events, online features and social media around the world.  If you are looking for a resource of inspirational women who are trailblazers,  involved in exploration, adventure and science look to Exploring Women.

In the words of Dame Jane Godall: "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."


Christine Dennison